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Obtaining agency

اخذ نمایندگی از شرکت های خارجی



Inside approved vendor list of upstream companies, there are lots of premier foreign companies which have not any representavie or sales agent inside Iran. Unfortunately, because of sanctions it was impossible for these companies to find appropriate Iranian agents. But now, it is a proper time for them to find appropriate agents and expand their markets.


There are different types of domestic agents:
Domestic Branch
Exclusive Representative
Sales Agent
Joint Venture


Why KPPDS is a liable partner to get you sales agent or representative of foreign companies?
KPPDS has experienced and well-known stuff in Europe, Eastern Asia and Turkey. Besides, our juridical department has some of the best and well-known lawyers in the country. So, we can support you from introducing and primery negotiations to final steps of contract and make a fortunate and expandable business connection.
Moreover, our technical team know which products have more demand in the market, so this knowledge helps you to get assure of product sale.

Who can use this service?
All commercial companies, importers and even domestic manufacturers can negotiate for a sale agent or representative contract to develop their market borders.