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تهیه فهرست یا لیست بازاریابی



A porpuseful marketing plan needs a precise and clear knowledge about aimed markets that need your products or services. KPPDS has access to lots of precise information and documents about lots of Iranian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of oil, gas, petrochemical and energy fields. This information forms a complete data bank that includes all of their products, working fields and aimed markets. You can use these information to aim at a specific and useful market for yourself.


Why KPPDS is a liable partner for your marketing plans?
All of contents in KPPDS project is software-based. So it is a very feasible task to find manufacturers or suppliers with same products or services. You just give our technical team your product list, and we will give you back a list of all companies that they need your products or services.
Also, our technical team define all companies inside data bank due to their suppling ways. So you can find easily manufacturers, domestic suppliers, importers and even stores which every one has its advantages based on your porpuse.


Who can use this service?
All manufacturers, suppliers or trading companies that seek new markets which need their products or services.