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Vlist Mission



Petroleum Industry, as main industry of some countries like Iran, needs lots of equipment to work fluently. All of these equipment, from small parts like bolt and nut to most complicated petroleum packages, are like a gear. If any of these equipment or device are not selected precisely and after a while stop working, it will cause irreparable damages. Because of this, it is always a very complicated process to find and select proper supplier of any device or equipment. This duty is up to upstream companies and their vendorlist departments.


Vendor lists are different due to their structure, content and verification method. But almost all of vendor lists have not enough information about suppliers and they suffice to company name and major working scope and rarely, they have contact information too. But it is important to have lots of parameters and information about an equipment to choose the right one and purchase it. 


Vlist team has established  in 2012 to recognize and troubleshoot some main problems of supply chain of oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries. 



Our Mission:


Our mission has three major fundamentals:


Our basic mission regarding clients of petroleum and energy industries is to facilitate and simplify sourcing with an integrated and accessible system which leads to develop their knowledge of sourcing.


Our fundamental mission regarding EPC contractors of petroleum and energy industries is to accelerate, facilitate and develop procurement process in projects. This happens while they use a proficient system to find and compare approved vendors and also troubleshoot possible problems of procurement process in projects.


Our fundamental mission regarding suppliers of petroleum and energy industries is to facilitate accessing their information. While there is not any system to show their background of vendor list registration and their most important clients of petroleum and energy industries, our mission is to provide a comprehensive, integrated and liable system to release information of suppliers (manufacturers and non-manufacturers) without any middleman or coordinator.


Our Vision:


Our mission is to provide information of supply chain of petroleum and energy industries in a comprehensive, pervasive, clear and liable system to facilitate data access and data analysis of sources of products and services which are useful for petroleum and energy industries of Islamic Republic of Iran.