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Finding appropriate Iranian agency for foreign companies

We help you to find approperiate representative or agent


Iran has fourth largest oil and second largest gas reservers in the world. But because of sanctions, before Iran nuclear deal biggest manufacturer and supplier companies of the world were not able to take a part inside this wide market. Now, this is the right time for foreign companies to find proper agents to do stocking, sale and representative affairs inside Iran.
Investment in a foreign country can not be done without market studies and rules and obligations of that country. To do so, foreign companies need domestic stuff who have proper understanding of aimed markets and they also know rules and obligations of the market. So, they can reach a proper share of the market for foregn suppliers and they can gurantee profit of their own, too.


Why KPPDS can find appropriate representatives for foreing companies?
KPPDS is first and only consulting company about upstream vendor lists inside Iran. We have precise information about all Iranian and foreign companies which their products and services are in use in petroleum and energy industries of Iran. Our professionalstuff study products and scopes of foreign companies and regarding them, find related and appropriate iranian companies to be their agents. Several parameters are involved this selection process, like scope of work, marketing and distribution capability, working experience with upstream companies, quality certificates , ... . At last, we introduce several chosen companies to you and you can decide which one is a better candidate for your representative or sale agent inside Iran.


Who can use these services?
All foreign companies trying to find capable and active domestic stuff to take responsibility of thier exclusive representative and sale agent inside Iran.