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Why vendor list is important?

AVL is only liable reference of companies to purchase equipment or material. Upstream companies compile vendor lists to purchase from certified and verified companies.

How is compilation of a vendor list?

Its is a very complicated and time consumig process to finally have a liable vendor list. This process includes gathering and classification of information about companies like their working structure, technical and financial information. Next step is verification and technical inspection of products by technicians of upstream company to check their nominal and actual abilities. Finally, if company is accepted to be inside a vendor list, this approval will be announce to them with an official letter, a verification code or just verbally.

What Vlist do exactly to solve shortcomings of AVLs?

Vlist portal is established to present a strong, precise and user-friendly search engine that covers all companies of petroleum and energy fields. It is very needed to have a search engine so that your products and contact information will be accessible for purchase enginners of vendor list owner companies and where was not any proper action to do this before.
Vlist portal is able to show information about your products at a second. It also helps you to find your neede product. Despite lmost all AVLs that are not accessible for suppliers and manufacturers, Vlist portal is accessible for everyone who cares. Besides, having information of more than 12000 Iranian and foreign companies in petroleum and energy market, Vlist is a very proper place to be seen via advertisement and to make connection with other countries.

How I can submit or edit my company\'s information?

To have an integrated portal, our technical team import all informaation of companies and products themselves. If you find any kind of contrariness of information, you can refer to "Submit or edit your profile" section on top menu. It is imporatant to mention that you have to attach registration form in mentioned section, so that or technical team submit or edit your company profile.

How is verification of companies information?

Information of companies which are sent with signed and sealed and self-declared registraion form by companies themselves, will be verified with upstream vendor lists and if they are right, then they will but imported to portal. If our technical team find any kind of contrariness with upstream vendor lists, none of wendor lists will be shown for that company at all.

Is this portal related to integrated product inquiry system of oil ministry?

Integrated product inquiry system of oil ministry is a project started at 2011-2012 and it is said to  be internal system of product inquiry of oil ministry. But Vlist portal is established with KPPDS and its a private system that its responsibility is to announce verified and liable companies accepted for AVLs, to EPCs of petroleum industry. These to systems are completely different and they are not related at all.

How is verification of liability of companies Vlist portal?

Liability of companies in this portal is based on AVLs that companies are registered as a approved supplier or manufacturer.

اعتبار شرکت ها در این سامانه چگونه ارزیابی می شود

Why some companies have not any vendor list information in Vlist portal?

Companies entered to this portal are all liable compnaies. Some of them are entered from AVLs, some of them from related associations, and rest of them from participants of petroleum fairs and exhibitions. So if some of these companies have not information about their products or AVL rgistered to, it does not mean tha they are not liable. This is just because they have not send us self-declared registration forms of Vlesit portal, or they are in the process of getting registered, or renewal of information is in process.

How I can search companies or scopes in Vlist portal?

To find precise information about this, please refer to "Serach Help" link , just below the search field.

How you can advertise your company in Vlist portal?

If you want to have advertisement in Vlist portal, you can refer to "Advertisment" menu at footer of the page and choose your needed advertising type.