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Finding Suppliers

تهیه وندورلیست یا فهرست تامین کننده بر اساس پارامتر های کارفرما



Regarding various parameters needed to select a proper product, it is always a complicated and hard task to find exact product that is just according with datasheets. It needs lots of paper work and time consumption to finally get the proper product with reasonable price, because product is handed through with several middleman.

Why KPDPS is a liable partner to find your inquired product?
Regarding precise data bank of KPDPS which it is detailded to complete product list of companies, our professional stuff are able to shorten process of findidng right product for you. They refer to our classified documents for all manufacturers or main suppliers and find best company to buy the product.
KPDPS will not have a contract with you and you will receive the product with manufacturer's or main supplier's price. We are just your consultant to find needed product. It is not an issue for us that how much your needed product cost, we simply give you correct information about main suppliers, so you can require your needed product with lowest price and shortest time possible.

Who can use this service?
Purchase enginners of upstream companies, domestic suppliers, importers and even manufacturers can use this service ti find product and bulk material they need in a short time and reasonable price.