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Terms of use

Vendor List Portal is managing by engineers of KPPDS Group. This section is about terms of using this portal, so with these terms you can use it easily and fluently. If you are using our portal, it means that you have read and accepted our terms of use. Thise terms may change once a while and if this happens, we will announce about it.

These uses of Vlist portal is not permitted:
A)    Any kind of illegal purposes
B)    Compilation, completing or updating of any advertising list or data base
C)    Any kind of advertising inside other websites
D)    Any kind of change or edit inside Vlist portal
E)    Any purposes that cause any kind of fault in function of Vlist portal
F)    Any purposes which have interference with technical and conecting systems of Vlist portal
G)    Using any kind of manual or automatic copying systems on Vlist portal
You have not any legal right to use manual or automatic methods to encrease quantity of your comapny views.
We have this right to monitor behavior of users, so when we see that view of a company is increasing with illegal methods, we can make a proper decision to avoid it.

While using Vlist portal, please pay attention that:
1-    You are using this portal under your responsibilites
2-    We recomend that when you get results, call companies and also upstream vendor list owners to verify these results
3-    information you find in this portal is not our suggestions. We just propose you these information and first and main responsibility of this portal is to introduce verified cmpanies which their liability is approved with upstream vendor lists. It is responsibility of vendor list owner cmpanies to verify quality of products and services and we do not suggest any company to you.
4-    This poratl has web links to other websites. Vlist portal has not any responsibility about content of those linked websites.